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Kim Kardashian Wedding Preparation

Kim Kardashian is in two minds regarding her dress for her wedding with her fiancé  Kris Humphries who proposed to her last month.

A Hollywood magazine reports of her idea of something customary and this is going to take a long time for   Kim Kardashian to get all the sketches .

Basically Kim has nothing figured out yet. She has plans to get wedded this summer.

At present Kim Kardashian the bride to be is concentrating and excited on the following of Keeping up with the Kardashian s which returns on June 12th.

Kim Kardashian – Cries over size of her assets

Kim Kardashian 30 year old always was in a dilemma over the size of her big buttocks and her breasts. She was even putting wash clothes over her breasts hoping to shrink them.

The US daily reports her saying in her new autobiography Kardashian Konfidential “I sat in the bath tub crying, praying to god, they are embarrassing me. Please don’t let them grow any bigger”. Kim the reality TV star was recently in news for putting on weight.

CheckMate – Frisking Stories – Kim Kardashian

Recently Poor Kim Kardashian had to undergo a serious security check at the Los Angeles Airport. The checking was so minute that it went to the extent of noticing her cleavage. The onlookers felt there was no need for such frisking as the TV star was just in her skin tight leggings and a vest top and no space enough to hide anything. After a close scrutiny of her boots they even looked into her bra and her hair bun. Source revealed that the female security officer twice checked her cleavage before she could board the flight to Miami.

Happy to be Solo Staying Single – Kim Kardashian

Kim KardashianKim  Kardashian definitely thinks one does not need a man for completeness its only that one feels good with one. The socialite who had dates with NFL player Reggie Bush and soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo feels that she is happy on her own but one day she would certainly find her love and that would make her life entertaining. “I have a thought that having a man makes life more enjoyable but it is not compulsory that you can be happy only if you have one. Life is complete also by being single”

This 29 year old pretty lady who had just broken up from Dallas Cowboys football player Miles Austin has plans to be single for a foreseeable future. Happily single but if she would meet her man of her choice she would surely go for because its nice to have one.